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Resources for Methods in Evaluation and Social Research

This page lists FREE resources for methods in evaluation and social research.  The focus is on "how-to" do evaluation research and the methods used: surveys, focus groups, sampling, interviews, and other methods.  Most of these links are to resources that can be read over the web.  A few, like the GAO books, are for books that can be sent away for, for free (if you live in the US), as well as read over the web.
Protecting the public   Visit here first!  This page has links to information about human research protection practices, research codes and guidelines, rights of the public, professional standards and ethics and others related to protection.  I hope the links listed here are very helpful, because this is stuff to which all researchers should pay serious attention.

I've started an Announcements for Sociology forum at Sociopranos. Anyone can post any annoucement about new conferences, books, research, websites, jobs, funding, reports, data, etc., that may be of interest to sociologists or any other social scientists. I'll start a new thread every month. See the press release forum   thread labeled "July 2004 sociology announcements".

Methods - books, manuals, guides to research methods and evaluation
Approaches to evaluation  -  Action Research, Empowerment Evaluation, etc.
Survey methods
Sites specifically about sampling
Methods - Qualitative
Policy Analysis
Research about research methods
General methods, on line journals, and links that don't fit elsewhere
Links to links   Sites like this one, that link to resources for evaluation and research methods.
Gao books
Statistics, design
Data Issues. Quality, usability, etc... I'm working on this one.
Free software for statistics, and a few office suite packages
Presenting statistical data and preparing research reports
subject areas you need to know social psychology, organizations, other

See our   Favorite  Sites
Featured site: Evaluation.francophonie: Links to resources, conferences, etc.

Here is an interesting site, not related to evaluation
Links to pictures, movies, virtual postcards, midi music files, for kids to look at or listen to. Well anyway, my kid likes to look at these.

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Many of the sites listed on the evaluation site were found by looking at other sites related to evaluation, for example, the Free Management Library, CDC's site, and through others.  Some were also found by looking at general sociology sites.  We are thankful to all of them.

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